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The educational system in Tampa, FL is made up of 161 public schools, 84 private schools and 26 post-secondary schools. Some of the known institutions of higher education in Tampa include the University of South Florida (USF), the University of Tampa (UT), and the Hillsborough Community College. The Southern Technical College and the Stetson University College of Law both operates campuses in Tampa. 35.5% of Tampa individuals aged 25 years old and above have already received a bachelor's degree or higher attainment according to the latest 2017 American Community Survey data. The most popular degrees obtained include Business (24%), Social Sciences (10%) and Education together with Social Sciences and Engineering related studies (9%).

Data Analyzers Data Recovery Tampa

Data Analyzers can risk-free data recovery evaluation on your system. From there, the team can evaluate your storage media and determine the type of failure it encountered. Then, they can now proceed with the data recovery process. The company provides free analysis and diagnosis for your complete satisfaction. Though it's less likely to happen, in the event that the company is not able to recover your data successfully, the company will not charge you anything. The company can also provide you with a file listing of your recovered data for your review. When you come to this company, you can expect that your issue will be handled with personalized attention. Furthermore, the company is proud to be recognized as the exclusive US representative of the Global Data Recovery Alliance. All these make Data Analyzers worthy to be in the top of the data recovery industry in Florida.

Ross Spano should be disqualified from Congress after illegal campaign loans, top Florida Democrat says


The head of the Florida Democratic Party said newly elected U.S. Rep. Ross Spano should be disqualified from serving in Congress after he acknowledged he used personal loans from friends to pay for his campaign. "This matter needs to be fully investigated, and appropriate actions taken,"party chairwoman Terrie Rizzo said in a statement Tuesday. Spano, a Republican, acknowledged over the weekend that his campaign financing "may have been in violation" of federal law. Read more here
Speculations now arise against newly elected U.S. Rep. Ross Spano for his alleged use of personal loans from friends to pay for his campaign. According to the head of the Florida Democratic Party, party chairwoman Terrie Rizzo, Spano should be disqualified from serving in the Congress. Spano, during the election, has acknowledged borrowing $180,000 from two people he has described as personal friends from June through October this year. He also lent his campaign with $167,000 during the same time period. Spano believed that the loans are not violating any laws but Rizzo believes that Spano knew exactly what was happening during the campaign. For now, Spano is waiting for the feedback of the Federal Election Commission regarding this matter. He will still work for the people in the 15th District. Spano's democratic opponent, Kristen Carlson, on the other hand, has asked for an FBI investigation.


Museum Of Science & Industry in Tampa, Florida

The Museum of Science & Industry (MOSI) is a not-for-profit science museum in Tampa, FL. It features a lot of hands-on activities that both the kids and kids-at-heart can enjoy. While in here, stop by the Saunders Planetarium where you can be amazed at the galaxy as if you're traveling like an astronomer. Another exciting part of the museum is the Sky Trail® Ropes Course. It is a 36-foot-high multilevel structure with 35 various elements especially made to challenge an individual's physical and cognitive abilities. Participants are attached to a harness to ensure their safety. Visitors in this museum can travel to the International Space Station or be transported to an underwater adventure via the facility's Virtual Reality Simulator. Furthermore, the museum's Connectus brings each guest to the future as it features new technologies that are not yet released to the public. Rest assured that your visit to this museum will make you curious about Science and its wonders.

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Driving Direction
35 min (16.4 miles)
via FL-589 Toll S
Fastest route now, avoids congestion on I-275 S
This route has tolls.
Museum Of Science & Industry
4801 E Fowler Ave, Tampa, FL 33617, USA

Head north toward E Fowler Ave
9 s (102 ft)

Continue on FL-582 W/E Fowler Ave. Take N Armenia Ave, FL-580 W, W Linebaugh Ave and
FL-589 Toll S to N Rocky Point Dr
31 min (16.2 mi)

Continue on East Twigges Streetto your destination
54 s (0.2 mi)

625 E Twiggs St Suite 1000, Tampa, FL 33602
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